The Rating System

The Rating System
Five Stars
- Brilliant; absolutely must read
Four Stars - Strongly recommended
Three Stars - Has its shining, stellar moments; a good, solid read
Two Stars - May have its strong points, but fairly weak overall
One Star - Yeah, I wouldn't even bother with this one

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blog Hopping

The time is coming very, very soon for the new Haunted Times Magazine to come out.... *squeals with joy* .... But in the mean tiime, here's a little blog hop I'm joining. Feel free to hop along with us!

Step 1: Put this link in your post -

Step 2: Fill out the form below (*runs off to do this... please hold*)

Step 3: Return to yoru blog and insert the html code


Please click on the appropriate links below to enter your own blog. It will help kill time until my article is published. I'll also be posting a new critique here very soon.

Thanks for reading!

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